Young Eagles RC Build and Fly Update

Young Eagles RC Build and Fly Update
Mike Walpole,

The Young Eagles Build and Fly Project continues its progress on the LT-440. Our most recent efforts have focused on the wings and framing the fuselage, vertical and horizontal stabilizer and both wing panels. Also, a second transmitter has been acquired so a buddy box system will be set up. Video of how that works will follow soon. Even if social distancing continues this summer, the possibility of some flying sessions with our Young Eagles exists

In Session 4 we covered the horizontal stab, elevator, vertical stab and rudder. Plus we hinged the rudder and elevator.

In Session 5 we managed to cover the bottom of the wing. First we covered the trailing edge and the underside of the wing tips. Then we worked around the aileron control horns and the servo tray. Then we covered the bottom wing sections.

In our last session (6) we went over what we’ve done so far and finish covering the the wing.

Next up we’ll cover the ailerons and get them hinged to the wing. Date to be determined.

Build Session 6: June 18, 2020
Build Session 5: June 10, 2020
Build Session 4: May 31, 2020
Build Session 3: May 19, 2020
Build Session 2: May 13, 2020
Build Session 1: May 5, 2020
Status Update: Apr 21, 2020

NOTE: We’d like to get more Young Eagles involved so we’re going to try to set up the next build session as a Zoom meeting. If you are interested in participating, contact Mike Walpole and let him know.