Joint Base Andrews Airshow 2017

EAA 186 has been invited back to fly in and display at Joint Base Andrews Airshow 2017 (KADW). The event is scheduled to for Fri-Sun, the 15th-19th; statics should be flow in Thursday the 14th. It’s a great opportunity for aviation enthusiasts to see an awesome free, local airshow and static displays of military aviation and ground equipment. The Air Force Thunderbirds will be the headliner and they are projecting 100+k attendees!

EAA 186 Chapter member and current Air Force helicopter pilot Jacob Pomerenke, with Tim Carey’s help, is coordinating to make this event happen but will need your help. The chapter is looking for both individuals and aircraft for the event. We basically talk the EAA talk (homebuilding, Young Eagles, Vintage Aircraft, AirVenture, etc…). Having enough support allows everyone to take turns displaying our fleet, and touring the ramp. Your throat might get sore repeating such statements as, ‘Why yes, I built this myself; ‘Many EAA members have factory built airplanes;’ or ‘We give free flights to kids 8-17, called Young Eagles…We’re just not flying them today.’

Our attendees do need to get vetted (for flightline badges) so early registration is a must. Flying into Joint Base Andrews has its own process (FRZ waiver); we will try to help with this process.

Currently we are assessing the interest and availability of aircraft for this event. Let us know if you have questions or want to fly your aircraft in or help out. It sounds like there will be space for up to 8 aircraft, though they would prefer not to more than one of the same model. We also will need people to bring out/return supplies that won’t fit in our airplanes. This includes orange traffic cones, ropes, and stakes, along with some shade booths from the chapter house. Be part of a great weekend.