From the Chapter President

The drumbeat of sometimes contradictory Executive Orders continues, the latest being a new order effective Friday, June 5, that moves most of Virginia into “Phase Two” of Virginia’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.
However, we’re expecting/hoping that we will enter
Phase 2 by the time you read this.

The announcement of this has resulted in several emails from Chapter members wanting to know what it means for the Chapter House generally for personal use—and, more specifically, if it means we can hold our next Membership meeting or
Young Eagles rally there.

The short answers: “not much,” and “no.”

According to Executive Order 65 for Phase 2, “public and private social clubs may reopen, provided such establishments abide by the gathering ban in section B, paragraph 2 of this
Order and comply with the Guidelines for All Business Sectors.”

This essentially put several limits on in-person gatherings, including the number of people in attendance, keeps meetings as short as possible, and requires using physical distancing practices. Phase 2 also includes routine cleaning and disinfection of high contact areas and hard surfaces, including entrance push/pull pads, door knobs/handles, tables/chairs, light switches, handrails, restrooms, floors, and equipment every hour during a meeting.

Other aspects of the previous Phase 1 executive order that would remain in effect include maintaining physical distances of six feet from others not in your household; a recommendation that face coverings be worn around others, and a requirement that they be worn in the bathroom; and a prohibition on anyone with a fever or Covid-19 symptoms occupying the premises.

While under Phase 2 the state has increased the maximum size of gatherings in any one location to 50, from the previous 10. We neither expect nor handle any gathering of that size on the premises given the limitations. At least not now and
certainly not indoors.

As a result, the use of the Chapter House for large indoor gatherings and Young Eagle rallies will remain closed for the foreseeable future. We are, however, making plans to hold an outdoor event, including a BBQ and aircraft wash, provided we do make it into Phase 2 and we can meet all the

Now for some brighter news! Kevin Rychlik has donated 70 mahogany aircraft models to the Chapter with the proceeds going towards our Young Eagles program. Most are helicopters, but some are airplanes and will be offered for sale to
Chapter members first at a discount before being listed on eBay. Models include Air Force One, Marine One, several military and law enforcement helicopters and airplanes, as well as a few jet aircraft. Please contact me for more details!