Sunfest Kite Festival 2020

October 1, 2020 – October 4, 2020 all-day
Ocean City Maryland

Daily, Oct 1 – Oct 4
Sunfest Kite Festival 2020
The Kite Loft

Sunfest Kite Festival is still scheduled to happen on October 1-4, 2020 on the beach in Ocean City, Maryland USA !

Fortunately kite flyers need to spread out so kite lines don’t get tangled, so safe social distancing can easily be maintained on the beach. Some activities like candy drops, free sport kite lessons, the running of the bols and Kid’s Kite Day give-away may be canceled. Winds permitting Kites will be flying!

Hosted by The Kite Loft, the annual Sunfest Kite Festival in Ocean City is a kite flying extravaganza & funfest for kite-fliers & spectators.

Whether you have one kite, a collection of hand crafted art kites or a trailer full of show kites, everyone is welcome to fly on the spacious Ocean City beach and to set up ground displays.

A demonstration field is available for team & individual sport kite demonstrations and games. The ocean is great for experienced kite-boarders. There will be various themed kite and ground displays with huge show kites over 100 ft. long to 1 inch mini kites. The four day festival runs Thursday thru Sunday October 1-4, 2020. All activities are weather & wind dependent generally happening between 9 am to 4 pm with opportunities for night flying featuring kites with bright colorful lights.

Spectator participation (adults & children) is encouraged in games & activities scheduled throughout the festival such as: The Running of the Bols races, Giant Bubble Arts, Candy Drops, Boardwalk Dancing, Free Sport Kite Lessons, voting in the People’s Choice award and the popular Kids Day Kite Fly. Children between the ages of 5-12 will get a free kite and earn their kite flying wings. Spectators are also encouraged to walk the beach to view the kites and to talk with kite-fliers.


GUIDELINES FOR FUN at Sunfest Kite Festival October 1-4, 2020 in Ocean City Maryland.

There are amazing things to see and enjoy at Sunfest Kite Festival: kites of all shapes & sizes flying in the sky, ground displays featuring colorful banners & inflatable objects, giant bubbles, sport kite demonstrations, kite flying lessons, kite games, kids kite fly and more.

Dry weather & a steady breeze are important! It is also possible to have too much wind.

To make sure everyone has a great experience, it is important to follow a few BASIC GUIDELINES FOR FUN!

Spectators can enjoy Sunfest Kite Festival from the boardwalk or the beach. There are designated areas for activities and different types/sizes of kites. (see field map)

It is important for spectators and kitefliers to BE AWARE! Always LOOK UP & LOOK DOWN!

Be careful as you walk through the flying fields. It is possible to be looking up at the beautiful kites only to trip over a ground anchor or ground display at your feet, or walk into flying line.

* Kites are tethered to ground anchors using strong lines.
* Kites occasionally fall out of the sky or break free without
* Changes in wind speed or direction will also cause the kites
to change flight direction or come down.
* Kites may range in size from several inches to over 100 feet
long, some have hard frames (sticks) while others are soft
kites, fabric that fills with air.
* Kites may have multiple lines supporting or controlling them.

Please ask your children to be responsible and to stay close to you. It is easy for excited young visitors to get separated or wander away.

Please DO NOT TOUCH the kites, lines or ground displays without the kite owner’s permission!

Most important…HAVE FUN! Meet & talk with the kiters! Ask questions! Kite-fliers are friendly and love to talk about their creations, experiences and share kite flying tips.

HAVE MORE FUN by flying a kite!