Joint Base Andrews Airshow and Open House

September 15, 2017 – September 17, 2017 all-day
Andrews AirForce Base
Jacob Pomerenke

Preparations are moving along for our return presence at the Joint Base Andrews Airshow September 15-17. Jacob Pomerenke and Charles Lebeau have been in contact with the event organizers and are working on our display location, paperwork and other onsite details.

Static display: Tim Carey is in charge of Chapter 186 pilot participation. Fly in – Thursday Sept 14; Fly out late Sunday Sept 17, or early Monday Sep 18. Show days are Fri-Sat-Sun. We have room for a couple more Experimentals / Homebuilts / General Aviation aircraft for static display. If you want to fly in and display your aircraft, there is a bit of a paperwork process. It’s not hard; but needs to be done (even with FRZ and DoD base fly-in access). All paperwork must be turned in by absolutely no later than Friday the August 25th.

Ground crew: Judy Sparks is coordinating the ground crew info booth setup. We need more volunteers to participate; even if it is just for loading, setup, crew transportation, or help at one of the show days. If you want to participate as ground crew, you will need to send Charles Lebeau your first, middle and last name, DOB, and DL state/number. All paperwork must be turned in by absolutely no later than Friday the August 25th. The list of items we need to bring includes: — orange cones, rope, 2 canopies, 2 folding tables, Chapter and YE banners, bungee cords, folding chairs, canvas chairs, two small coolers with water/ice. Snacks. Young Eagles and chapter info brochures. Plastic display holders. Clip boards, lined paper, and pens. Chapter merchandise, especially our hats.

This event is shaping up to be another great time–USAF Thunderbirds and all. You don’t want to miss it!

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