FEB Membership Gathering 2019

February 23, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
EAA 186 Chapter House
10629 Observation Road
VA 20110
Sande Miller-Long, Vice-president

February Chapter Gathering 2019 Agenda
9:00 – Social Hour: Donuts, muffins, coffee and other beverages
10:00 – Welcome and Introductions
10:15 – Chapter Merchandise Drawing
10:30 – Chapter Business and Announcements
11:00 – Program: Louisa Ocasio (Manassas ATCT, Operational Supervisor) will speak about “ATC/Pilot Communications”
12:00 – Chapter Merchandise Drawing
12:15 – BBQ on the deck weather permitting

ATC/Pilot Communications

One of the most intimidating and important parts of learning to fly can be learning air traffic control (ATC) communications. The ability to communicate effectively with ATC is key to safely and efficiently operating your aircraft in busy areas and airports. Yet, these communications, at least for student and low-time pilots, can rank right up there with stalls and steep turns when it comes to stress-inducing maneuvers. Louisa will take us from taxiing, to take-off, to navigating, landing, and taxiing back. And she’ll be glad to answer any questions!

Louisa Ocasio
Manassas ATCT, Operational Supervisor
Professional Women Controllers, Inc. Secretary

Louisa began her career with the FAA in January 1988. She has over 27 years experience as an Air Traffic Controller and has worked in Air Traffic Control Towers, Approach Control, Enroute and CERAP facilities, FAA Headquarters in Washington DC and now currently a Front Line Manager at Manassas Tower. She has also served as the National Conference Chair for the Professional Women Controllers, as Deputy Director for the Capitol Chapter of the National Hispanic Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees and is an Aviation and Space Education volunteer and a proud military veteran. Louisa is a dedicated employee and a determined individual who continues to seek opportunities to grow as an individual and a professional, as well as helping others achieve their goals.

Test Yourself — Pop Quiz!

The questions are not about what ATC says to you, but about what you say to ATC. Are you using Standard Phraseology? Find out with this pop quiz.

1) Ground says, “Cirrus 842 India Papa, Runway 27, taxi via Bravo. Hold short of Runway 18.” Which of the following is the correct response?

“Cirrus 2 India Papa.”
“Cirrus 2 India Papa, we’ll do all that.”
“Cirrus 2 India Papa, Runway 27 via Bravo. Hold short of Runway 18.”
“Cirrus 2 India Papa, Runway 27. Hold short of Runway 18.”
“Cirrus 2 India Papa, taxiing via Bravo. Holding short of Runway 18.”

2) Oakland Center says “Twin Cessna 34 Mike, climb and maintain one three thousand.” Which of the following is the correct response?

“Twin Cessna 34 Mike, on up to thirteen.”
“34 Mike, climbing to one-three thousand.”
“Twin Cessna 34 Mike, climb and maintain thirteen thousand,.”
“Climb and maintain one-three thousand, Twin Cessna 34 Mike.”
“Twin Cessna 34 Mike, one-three thousand.”

3) Tower says, Beechjet 4542 Oscar, Miami Tower, Runway 8 Right, line up and wait. You should respond:

“Beechjet 4542 Oscar, line up and wait.”
“Beechjet 4542 Oscar, position and hold.”
“Beechjet 4542 Oscar, on to hold, 8 Right.”
“Beechject 4542 Oscar, Runway 8 Right, line up and wait.”

4) Tower says, “Mustang 712 Charlie Romeo, Town and Country Tower, on departure fly heading one nine zero, cleared for takeoff, Runway Two Two Right.” Your correct response would be:

“Heading one nine zero, cleared for takeoff, Mustang 2 Charlie Romeo.”
“Mustang Charlie Romeo, cleared to go, and heading one nine zero on departure.”
“One ninety on departure, and cleared for takeoff 22 Right, Mustang 2 Charlie Romeo.”
“Mustang Charlie Romeo, one nine zero heading.”

5) Approach control says, “Learjet 9 Hotel Whiskey, turn right heading one eight zero, base turn. Reduce airspeed to one eight zero.” The best answer would be:

“One eighty, one eighty, Learjet 9 Hotel Whiskey.”
“Right one eight zero, and slowing, Learjet 9 Hotel Whiskey.”
“Learjet 9 Hotel Whiskey, right heading one eight zero, and reducing speed to one eight zero.”
“Learjet 9 Hotel Whiskey, heading one eight zero, and one eighty on the speed.”

Want to know the answers to the quiz? Come to our February 23rd Gathering! All are welcome!