Culpeper Young Eagles Rally – Fuel discount

Hi everyone,

Neil Milofsky (Culpeper Ops) mentioned to me that they would be giving all Young Eagle pilots flying Young Eagles on April 19, 2015 (Sunday) a $0.20 discount per gallon with Avfuel @ KCJR.

The tail numbers would be needed, therefore if you are flying Young Eagles please send us an email so that we know who is coming and also, for Neil to pass it on to his guys.

Pilots and Ground Crew sign up here: EAA 186 Culpeper YE Rally
Kids between 8-17 who want a free flight: EAA 186 Culpeper Pre-Registration

Thank you all, look forward to seeing you all out at Culpeper on April 19,2015

John & Lucy Bone
EAA Chapter 186
Culpeper Liaisons
Young Eagle Coordinators/Culpeper

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