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Chapter 186 seeking CFII to develop local EAA/IMC organization

At AirVenture 2015, EAA announced that they signed a letter of intent to acquire IMC Clubs. Since that time they’ve been working to finalize this direction. The IMC Club’s mission is to facilitate organized hangar flying that focuses on building instrument flight proficiency. More than 100 IMC Club Chapters meet monthly, using real world scenarios that form the catalyst for “What would you do?” discussions. The interaction and sharing of knowledge creates a learning opportunity for all involved.

While IMC Club International Inc. (IMC) has grown from just a few Chapters and a handful of members to a broad-based, effective, and well-recognized organization, it lacks the resources and network to further its mission. EAA’s longstanding commitment to aviation safety and the ability to offer IMC programming to our members using our existing Chapter network presents a tremendous opportunity.

As of November, 2015, EAA, through subsidiary EAA IMC LLC, has entered into a license agreement to begin producing and distributing the IMC resources and monthly scenarios. IMC will no longer be doing this. This agreement will provide resources for new and improved program offerings that will enhance and expand the impact of the IMC concept. As part of a transition:

• Existing IMC Club members will become EAA members (beginning immediately);
• Existing IMC Club Chapters will either form a new EAA Chapter or be integrated into an existing EAA Chapter (first quarter of 2016);
• All EAA Chapters will have the ability to begin offering IMC programming (late spring 2016).

What does this mean for EAA Chapter 186? There was once a Manassas IMC Chapter formed in association with a local flight school. However, repeated attempts to contact the IMC Chapter president have been ignored. If the IMC Chapter was still in place, integrating the IMC Club programming into our EAA Chapter might be as simple as coordinating a meeting time and location. Current IMC Club Chapter leaders would potentially play a similar role to what they do now – coordinating the IMC Club meetings and programming but doing so as part of our EAA Chapter 186. However, in the absence of any communications with the former IMC Chapter, EAA HQ has said that if we want an IMC Chapter, we must start as new one. Once we have established a focal point for the IMC, EAA National will make IMC programming available to the Chapter.

In addition to IMC-oriented programming, EAA will develop a similar offering aimed at stick and rudder flight proficiency using the same concept. That will likely debut later in 2016. EAA is excited to be able to provide these offerings to Chapters. Improving flight proficiency is important to all of us and helps demonstrate a strong commitment to safety. This FAQ can help answer additional questions that you may have. As more information is developed to share, we will be doing so.

I believe this presents a great opportunity for our local pilot community to demonstrate our commitment to safety and additional learning by testing each other with the scenario-based Q&A meetings in a camaraderie-based nonjudgmental environment of like-minded individuals whose primary interest is to make the right decision if, and when, we ever find ourselves having to make these decision in the air. After all, we all would prefer to stay alive. Our Chapter is now seeking a CFII who will take the reins of this potentially life-saving organization to develop into an EAA/IMC organization. If you or somebody you know is or might be interested, please contact me, Danny Miller, for more information.

Happy Flying,
EAA #647062