POLL: New EAA 186 Chapter Merchandise

We’re looking into ordering some EAA 186 ball caps. Would you buy one? If so, what color(s)? Also what new merchandise with our EAA 186 logo would you like to see available for purchase?

What new merchandise with our EAA 186 logo would you like to see available for purchase?
Which color caps should we order?

Famed Aviator Chuck Tippett to speak at our January Gathering

Over 30 years ago, Charles S. “Chuck” Tippett Jr., stunt pilot, wing walker, flight instructor and 2016 Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame Inductee, taught himself to fly by reading a book. That’s right, he read a book. He had to; his ultralight only had one seat.

Our January meet will feature Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame Inductee Chuck Tippet and his WWII Piper L4 Grasshopper from the Flying Circus! Join us as Chuck talks about the history of the flying circus, the art of wing walking, and flying on skis. This is one meeting you don’t want to miss.

Asked what it’s like to climb out of the Stearman’s cockpit and venture out to the end of the biplane’s wingspan, Tippett says, “It’s like what I imagined it would be like to take a magic-carpet ride, when I was a kid.”

Saturday, January 28, 2017
EAA 186 Chapter House

Refreshments: Donuts, coffee and other beverages

10:00 – Welcome and introductions
10:10 – Chapter Merchandise Drawing
10:15 – Chapter Business and Announcements
10:30 – Special Reports – Award Presentations
10:50 – Chapter Merchandise Drawing
11:00 – Program: Stunt pilot, wing walker and flight instructor, Chuck Tippett from the Flying Circus Aerodrome & Air Show, and 2016 Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame Inductee will speak on the history of the Flying Circus, the art of wing walking, and fun of flying on snow skis!

Check out these links for more information about aviator, Chuck Tippett!

Faces of Fauquier: Pilot challenges the stereotype
Breathtaking photos of Chuck’s wing-walking act at the Culpeper Airfest 2015
Biography of Chuck Tippett
Love at First Flight
He’s a One-man Aviation Support Network

The Party’s Over – But It Was GREAT! (Afterparty Time?)

14589800_973368162773428_6143554686889855080_oThe B-17 and Ford Tri-Motor weekend wrapped up yesterday, and it was SUPERB! Despite the high winds shutting down all flight operations on Saturday, and the winds and cold temperatures significantly diminishing the number of visitors coming by for ground tours, we did very well; Oshkosh is delighted with us. Over the weekend, the Ford Tri-Motor flew 117 paying passengers and the B-17 flew 90. On Sunday alone, the B-17 trailer took in over $1200 in ground tours and $2580 in merchandise sales. Both air tours more than broke even on their expenses for this stop, so it’s an easy bet we’ll get the planes again when we ask. And we pulled this off with minimal media coverage, since we had no response from either television or radio stations to our media flight invitation and press releases. Good job getting out the word via social media and posters!

We also got HIGHEST marks from the crews for Chapter support, so all you volunteers — pat yourselves on the back and line up to collect hugs from me! Both aircrews were impressed with your organization, cheerfulness, and willingness to pitch in and help wherever and whenever necessary. The Ford folk particularly appreciated volunteers having watched the training video ahead of time, because it made their work much easier.

B-17 Ferry Flight
The Tri-Motor took off early this morning on its long, slow flight to Knoxville, TN. The B-17 will depart on Thursday for Salisbury, NC. I don’t know the schedule yet, but ferry pilots typically shoot for a 9:00-10:00 departure (that means riders must arrive at the airport an hour in advance) in order to arrive in time for the next stop’s media flight. We will have some seats available for Chapter members who would like to take the ride. Folk who take a ferry flight are on their own the moment the plane touches down at its destination, so those who go need to make their own arrangements to get home. People sometimes get the opportunity to take the controls and log a little B-17 time, but that is not guaranteed; it depends on flight conditions (there’s zero chance in IFR, for example) and on the comfort level of the pilot in command.

If you’d like to be on the list for the ferry flight, please send me an email at mary@bardicvoice.com, and be certain to include your name and cellphone number. I won’t know how many seats we’ll have or what the flight schedule will be until after the new crew arrives on Wednesday, so details are pretty thin right now. I’ll confess a bias toward favoring active Chapter members who haven’t had the chance to do a flight before, but beyond that, if we have too many applicants for the number of seats we get (six is pretty typical; if we’re really lucky, maybe up to eight), I’ll put all the names into a computer randomizer to pick the winners. Sound fair? The plane absolutely will not wait on latecomers, so be certain you actually could go and make an extra effort to be early!

Thanks again to the entire small army of volunteers who turned out to help, especially the daily stalwarts and those of you who responded to the Sunday “all hands on deck!” call. You DID it!

Mary Dominiak

Some photos from the event. 
These photos were taken by chapter members Andrew Shippin and Dave Mather.  For more photos, check put our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EAA186/







B-17 and Ford Tri-Motor Flights weather update

The aircraft will fly tomorrow provided the ceilings are high enough and there is enough visibility.  The rain isn’t really the issue.   Right now the forecast is showing a cloud base all day of 3,500 to 6,500 and 6 miles visibility.  So, yes!  Do expect the show to go on 😉

They’re HERE! Are You?

B-17 Aluminum Overcast Miami, FL

B-17 Aluminum Overcast Miami, FL

The Ford Tri-Motor and B-17 arrived at Manassas early on Monday afternoon. The Ford is asleep in DAI East and the B-17 is discreetly parked mostly out of casual public sight until all the fun begins on Thursday, but they’re both ready and raring to go. Are you?


We need LOTS of volunteers to pull off this visit successfully, so if you haven’t already signed up, please do! We need a MINIMUM of four dedicated volunteers each shift in order for the Ford to fly, and at least five ground crew for the B-17 to operate. Judy Sparks has committed to working the B-17 merchandise trailer for the whole visit (thank you, Judy!), so we just need one more volunteer for each of the merchandise trailer shifts. On Saturday and Sunday, we also need cooks and cashiers to run the very lucrative 186 Grill trailer; could you help out there to help our bottom line? And maybe sign up to help pull off the fun of a Saturday evening BBQ on our Chapter deck, with both the Ford and B-17 crews as our guests?

This is our last really BIG, hopefully lucrative Chapter event this year, which could help fill our coffers and defray our expenses, including our newly increased chapter house/hangar rent. It’s also our biggest and best chance to shine and publicly prove our worth to the airport commission and the city council, supporting our bid to get the chapter house rental cost reduced significantly. Can you get behind that cause? If so, now’s the time, and here’s ford-trimotor-banner-1404x761the way! Volunteer!

[ED: We really need you to sign up on our website so we can get an accurate headcount and know how to plan. It’s easy and will only take a minute — Just click here! http://eaa186.org/volunteers-2/

Report Card Grade?

You may not know this, but Oshkosh grades each Chapter’s past performance when it determines where the airplanes will go each year. To date, Chapter 186 has an absolutely stellar record for supporting both the B-17 and Tri-Motor tours, meaning we get preferential treatment when we apply to host them. As someone who’s also part of the national tour, I can tell you we’re currently in the top five of U.S. tour locations.

Want us to keep that position? Volunteer!

Free donuts, coffee and lunch!

I will thank you in person. And I’ll also bring Dunkin’ Donuts and coffee for the morning shift! The Chapter provides lunch.

And the planes? They provide passion, and themselves.

I hope to see you in orange vests.

Mary Dominiak


The EAA Fall Fly-In has officially been postponed to our rain date, Sunday, October 2

UPDATE: The decision has been made. The weather forecast for tomorrow has deteriorated even more; it will be IFR all day. The EAA Fall Fly-In has officially been postponed to our rain date, Sunday, October 2. Please let me know if you will be unable to attend/volunteer.

Click here for more information: http://www.eaa186flyin.org/

EAA 186 Fly-In: John Fisher, FAA, to speak about ADS-B at EAA 186 Fly-In

ads-b_howworksJohn Fisher, from the FAA, will be speaking from 1:00-2:30 on the subject of ADS-B for General Aviation with Emphasis on Experimentals. Since he will have his laptop, John will be able to do some compliance checks if anyone wishes to see how their aircraft ADS-B system is performing.

Location: Airport Conference Room
Time: 1:00 – 2:30

EAA 186 Fly-In: Ultralight Flying Adventure to NYC harbor and the Statue of Liberty

tomTom Simmons, Member of Flying Club One, will do a presentation of his “Ultra-light Flying Adventure to NYC harbor and the Statue of Liberty” from 10:00 to 11:15. View a video Tom made of the flight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrDfnDOa18Y

EAA 186 Fly-In: Lunch forum – Formation Flying discussion led by Tim Carey

formation-flyingTim Carey, Formation Flying Inc / FFI instructor, will conduct a forum about formation flying. Title will be “Group Discussion: Thoughts on Military vs. Civilian formation flying”. Time: 11:30 to 12:45. Grab some lunch from the 186 Grill and join in the discussion.

Location: Airport Conference Room
Time: 11:30-12:45

Paul Schafer elected as EAA Class I Director

paulEAA’s 2016 Annual Business Meeting of the members was held at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin on Wednesday, July 27 at 8:30 A.M. at the 64th Annual Convention of the Experimental Aircraft Association, Inc., Wittman Airport, Oshkosh, WI. The election of directors was held as the first item on the agenda at the Business Meeting. Seven Class I Directors (three-year terms) were elected. EAA Chapter 186 board member, Paul Schafer (Eagle Flight Coordinator), was elected as a Class I Director for a three year term. Congratulations Paul!