b17The EAA Aluminum Overcast is more than just an airplane. It is a traveling museum and a connection to the past, the “greatest generation” who built and served heroically on these magnificent warbirds. And guess what!? Our Chapter is honored to be hosting the EAA B-17 visit to Manassas airport again this year! So if you’ve ever wanted to take a ride on that magnificent aircraft, this will be your once-in-a-lifetime chance to fly in an authentic World War II B-17 bomber, EAA’s beautifully restored B-17G Flying Fortress Aluminum Overcast.

Each flight experience is approximately one hour, of which about 24 minutes will be in the air. Once the B-17 is airborne, you will be allowed to walk about the bomber. Take time to visit the various compartments of the aircraft and feel what conditions may have been like for those bravely serving in World War II.

What do will our Chapter do?

Our Chapter will assist with the preparation, planning and execution of each stop.

EAA takes care of many of the “big issues” like crewing and maintaining the airplane, flight operations related issues, all bookings of airplane rides (both in advance and when the airplane is in town), providing collateral for marketing of the tour, etc. Six people travel on tour with the airplane to each location, consisting of two pilots, two maintenance personnel, and two tour coordinators.

What we really need help with are items that need local input, like local knowledge and extra volunteers to help with the smooth running of the tour stop.

What are the benefits?

The B-17 tour stop always brings positive media coverage to our airport and chapter, and projects a positive message about aviation in our local community. At every tour stop the B-17 makes at least one, sometimes two free flights full of local media representatives. Each tour stop generates an average of about 20 new EAA members (and potential new recruits for a chapter).

Chapters also receive a commission on seats, merchandise and ground tour sales!