2020 Ray Scholarship

Ray Scholar Selected!

Chapter 186 is happy to announce that Seth Kissel is our 2020 selection for the Ray Aviation Scholarship. Seth is 16 and has been a consistent volunteer at chapter events and has experienced over 15 Young Eagle flights. This is a grant for $10,000 toward the costs of Private Pilot License training. Chapter 186 was selected again this year by EAA Headquarters to award this scholarship to a flight training candidate aged 16 to 19 as part of the Ray Aviation Foundation’s grant of $1.5 million to the EAA. Our 2019 Ray Scholar, Carter Allain, completed his Private Pilot checkride in January 2020.

The Ray Scholarship process began in January with our chapter’s application to EAA Headquarters for approval as a Ray Scholarship chapter. Once approved, we sent out a questionnaire in March to potential flight training candidates asking for input regarding their interest in aviation, chapter participation level and accomplishments toward flight training preparation. We had many competitive candidates with varying levels of chapter participation, previous flight training and ground school training. We plan to apply again next January to be approved again to grant a scholarship in 2021.

The $10,000 is paid out in three installments. The initial installment of $4,000 gets the scholar started with flight training. The second installment of $4,000 is made after the scholar solos. The final $2,000 is made upon passing the Private Pilot written exam. The scholar and family make the decision on which flight school to use. The Chapter 186 Scholarship Coordinator will meet with the flight school to follow up on the scholar’s progress and keep the funds flowing.

Bob Prange
Scholarship Coordinator
Young Eagles Co-Coordinator

See you soon,
Bob Prange
EAA Chapter 186 Scholarship Coordinator