Chapter News

Young Eagles: Rolling without Ailerons

From Mary Dominiak Last time, we talked about all airplanes having EARs that pilots can move to make the plane go up or down (Elevators); roll around to the left or right (Ailerons); and yaw or swing its nose to the left or right (Rudders). But … [more]

2020 Ray Scholarship

Ray Scholar Selected! Chapter 186 is happy to announce that Seth Kissel is our 2020 selection for the Ray Aviation Scholarship. Seth is 16 and has been a consistent volunteer at chapter events and has experienced over 15 Young Eagle flights. … [more]

Flight Training and Flight Operations

The Department of Aviation, in consultation with the Governor’s Policy Office, offers to the aviation community advice on what kinds of pilot training operations are consistent with Executive Orders 53 and 55. The following dual-pilot activities are … [more]

Young Eagles: Did You Know All Airplanes Have EARs?

We're really sorry that the coronavirus restrictions mean we can't fly Young Eagles right now. Alas, we just can't maintain minimum 6-foot social distancing in a small airplane cockpit! But that doesn't mean we can't offer some airplane education … [more]